Bearish VCs, bullish founders and changing investing trends

Bearish VCs, bullish founders and changing investing trends
During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic,]concern was high,]public markets were suffering and it wasn’t hard to find wags on Twitter declaring that the world had changed and startup valuations were now off 40% – if you could put a round together.
But last night,]we reported that more startups than expected were raising new capital at a higher valuations than prior rounds, an event often called an “up round.”
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The data looked remarkably steady. As Connie Loizos wrote, “so-called ‘up rounds’ only declined modestly, from 72% [of Silicon Valley financings] in March to 70% in April.” Hardly doom and gloom.
The notion that the funding environment is not as bad as it was anticipated has been borne out in other data, including what]appears to be a falling pace of startup layoffs. Perhaps the sky is not falling for private, growth-oriented companies that we tend to call startups?]

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