ClassTag raises $5M for parent-teacher communication

ClassTag raises $5M for parent-teacher communication
Like many working parents,]Vlada Lotkina, the founder and CEO of]ClassTag, wanted to be more involved in her daughter’s preschool education. A paper notice about an upcoming field trip, squeezed between messy folders in a backpack, begged for smart technology around parent-teacher communication, she recalls.
Lotkina turned to other parents in the preschool class and found similar stresses. So, she teamed up with a fellow parent,]Jason Olim, and launched ClassTag, a free parent-teacher communication platform that supports more than 60 languages.
Today, the company announced it has raised $5 million in seed funding from a group of investors that include]AlleyCorp, Contour Ventures, Founder Collective, John Martinson, Newark Venture Partners, Smart Hub and TMT Investments. The platform says it has grown to 2 million users across 25,000 schools in the United States.
ClassTag has two end users: parents and teachers. Parents can use ClassTag for information on events, field trips, fundraisers and more. For teachers, ClassTag is an easy way to engage with parents, schedule parent-teacher conferences and share resources. Additionally, teachers can look at a parent engagement dashboard to see which families are more engaged, and which may need extra pings or attention.

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