Overlooked teams up with college newspapers to build a news-focused social network

Overlooked teams up with college newspapers to build a news-focused social network
George Sehremelis is building what he calls a “social news network,” with the aim of combating the spread of misinformation and fake news online.
“My goal has always been to make an impact on the 2020 election,” Sehremelis told me – a tall order, particularly when the big social networks are struggling to]solve these same problems. And as if that wasn’t enough, Sehremelis is hoping to revitalize student and local newspapers at the same time.
To do that, he’s launched]Overlooked, an app currently being piloted with newspapers at the University of Southern California, Dartmouth, West Virginia University and elsewhere.
“We didn’t want to build a news aggregator, and we didn’t want to build a social network,” Sehremelis said. “We wanted to combine them.”
So]Overlooked is an app where users – initially college students – can post, share and comment on articles. And that’s basically all they can do. They won’t be able to post any original content of their own, which Sehremelis said already “eliminates the possibility of a deep fake” video or image that’s been edited to mislead.

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