Productivity platform ClickUp raises $35 million from Craft Ventures

Productivity platform ClickUp raises $35 million from Craft Ventures
The productivity software space is filled with niche startups designing premium tools with very particular customers in mind. On the flip side, a growing class of startups is beginning to focus more on simplifying life for companies with subscription fatigue, offering more all-in-one platforms that handle several facets of workplace productivity.]ClickUp belongs to the latter camp, selling a $5 per month per user plan (billed annually), that people access to task management software, docs and wikis, chat, and integrations with a host of other popular tools. It’s a robust set of tools that is malleable depending on the task at hand.
“So, normally you have chat, that’s separate from your task manager, that’s separate from your docs and wikis, that’s separate from your OKR software.” CEO Zeb Evans tells TechCrunch. “So]ClickUp is all of those applications in one, but also a highly flexible interface that allows for teams of all sizes and types to work on it.”
The startup tells TechCrunch that they’ve closed a $35 million Series A round led by]Craft Ventures with participation from Georgian Partners. Craft’s David Sacks is joining the company’s board as part of the raise.
This is the startup’s first outside capital. Evans says the startup will use the funding to begin paid marketing and localizing the product to different languages and user geographies. Furthermore, the company’s leadership is looking to scale the team aggressively, hoping to grow from its current staff of 100 to 500 employees by year’s end.

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