RudderStack raises $5M seed round for its open-source Segment competitor

RudderStack raises $5M seed round for its open-source Segment competitor]RudderStack, a startup that offers an open-source alternative to customer data management platforms like Segment, today announced that it has raised a $5 million seed round led by S28 Capital. Salil Deshpande of]Uncorrelated Ventures and Mesosphere/D2iQ co-founder Florian Leibert (through 468 Capital) also participated in this round.
In addition, the company also today announced that it has acquired]Blendo, an integration platform that helps businesses transform and move data from their data sources to databases.
Like its larger competitors,]RudderStack helps businesses consolidate all of their customer data, which is now typically generated and managed in multiple places – and then extract value from this more holistic view. The company was founded by Soumyadeb Mitra, who has a Ph.D. in database systems and worked on similar problems previously when he was at https://www.8×]8×8 after his previous startup, MairinaIQ, https://investors.8××8-Acquires-MarianaIQ-to-Strengthen-AI-Capabilities-for-Enterprise-Communications/default.aspx]was acquired by that company.]

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