Hollywood A-list photographers teach you their craft through Photo School

Hollywood A-list photographers teach you their craft through Photo School
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TLDR:A pair of Hollywood’s top photographers lead the Photo School training, a full slate of photography training lectures and videos for immediately elevating your image taking abilities.

If you want to learn to act, it couldn’t hurt to have Meryl Streep give you a few pointers. If you want to improve your game on the tennis court, knocking the ball around with Roger Federer could offer some choice tips. So if you want to become a better photographer, who better than men and women responsible for iconic images and multimillion-dollar promotional campaigns to offer their insight?

This collection brings together over 115 lectures covering more than 20 hours of video content, all aimed at helping anyone produce high-quality images and Photoshop work.

If you’re going to learn, it’s always best to learn from those who know the game best – and Photo School was founded by a pair of master photogs currently working at the top of their field.

Michael Muller is the man behind the lens for countless successful ad campaigns and blockbuster movie posters, including iconic work for Marvel on the posters for films like Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, Iron Man 3, and more. Meanwhile, co-founder Patrick Hoelck is known for his striking celebrity portraits, creating indelible images for artists and celebrities like Rihanna, LeBron James, Kanye West, Clint Eastwood, and others.

Headlining a group of fellow photographers, retouch artists, and Photoshop pros, this crew offer training that covers everything from basic introductions to photography basics up to complex situations that challenged even seasoned photographers.

With courses covering camera modes and lens types, lighting conditions, studio vs. outdoor shooting situations, retouching principles, and more, these videos are a glimpse into how some of the world’s most respected photographers handle their profession. These battle-tested techniques are tailored to help make novice photographers better and turn aspiring photographers into employable expert shooters.

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